All things appear to us in form – Picasso

” Ancient Egyptian sculpture, classical Greek sculpture, Renaissance or contemporary sculpture, modern sculpture, bronze sculpture, marble or clay, sculpture in wood, steel, or resin, abstract sculpture or figurative sculpture, made by the hands of Rodin, Henry Moore, Giacometti, Brancusi, Picasso, Ron Mueck, Louise Bourgeois, or Antony Gormley, it’s all about form…

… Everything in Nature is form: fullness and emptiness, objects, human beings, all things, as well as the space that separates them. The smallest atomic particles to the largest planets, all are form…
It is form that defines Nature. And it is Nature that gives it its existence...
… What is form if not a volume defined by an inner structure upon which a series of planes give it its appearance, as does an envelope or skin.
And if we consider the basic plane, which is to the form what the gene is to the living, it is a triangle, we can say by extension, on both the micro and macro level, that the universe is an assembly of triangles.
It is this idea that is the source of my work…”
Coudari is a contemporary sculptor. He lives in Montreal where he has sculpted for twenty years.
His work has been exhibited both in Canada and internationally and is part of private and public collections. He has received many awards for his sculpture.